Dimlaj Melange Gilded Porcelain Dish Set / 6 Pieces

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نثر الجو على الأرض برد أي در لنحور لو جمد
لؤلؤ أصدافه السحب التي أنجز البارق منها ما وعد زززفتثنى الغصن سكرا بالندى و تغنى ساجع الطير غرد

This elegant six-piece set of serving plates is wrought from the highest grade of crystal and adorned with sharp strokes of color and gold, this set radiates cool confidence. Mélange captures the smooth and distinct soul of Moroccan art and Moorish tones all the while inspiring a crisp outlook on all things luxury in timeless grace.


Material:  Glass
Number of pieces  6

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